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So Others Can Be Free

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

When tax collectors came to Christ,
He paid them what was due;
Two drachmas was the sacrifice
Required of every Jew,
Yet this the Lord need not have done
Despite the Law’s decree;
No king will ever tax his son,
So they are always free.

Though born to freedom, Jesus died,
Condemned by wicked men;
The royal Son was crucified;
He paid the price for sin.
The King had heard His anguished prayer,
“Remove this cup from Me,”
But awesome love still sent Him there
So strangers could be free.

Now with Him we are sons and heirs,
Adopted by His grace;
He bore our burdens and our cares;
In turn, we seek His face,
But everyone must pay the price
Who joins His family;
Like Him, we serve and sacrifice

So others can be free.

Psalm 37A

Friday, June 10, 2022

Do not fret at evildoers,
Nor at sinners be dismayed;
Like the grass they wither quickly;
Like the herb they swiftly fade.

Trust in God and long for goodness;
Seek the peace He will impart;
Find your joy in Him forever;
He will satisfy your heart.

Walk in faith upon His pathway,
Trusting in the Holy One;
Like the light will be His justice,
And His judgment, like the sun.

Rest in Him and wait with patience;
Do not fret when sin succeeds;
Cease from wrath; forsake your anger,
Lest you walk in their misdeeds.

The King Came Lowly

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The King came lowly to His own;
His humbling was complete;
He did not claim an earthly throne
But knelt to wash our feet.

He did not send us into war
Nor shed our blood in strife,
But with His blood, He went before
And offered up His life.

He summons us to follow now;
He beckons from above,
And He’ll exalt us if we bow
In servanthood and love.

'There Is No God,' The Fool Declares (Psalm 53)

Thursday, November 18, 2021

“There is no God,” the fool declares;
They all have worked iniquity;
From heaven God looks down on earth
For those who seek Him faithfully.
They turn aside in what they’ve done,
And none do good, not even one.

Do not the wicked understand
Who have not called upon His name?
He gives His foes to fear and death
And puts His enemies to shame.
When freed from their captivity,
Let Israel sing exultantly!

Cry Out

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Cry out for joy before the Lord;
Exalt our God and King;
Let songs of gladness be outpoured;
Lift up your hearts and sing!
Though fire consumes His enemies
And darkness veils His throne,
His ears are open to our pleas;
He loves to hear His own!

Cry out for joy and come with praise;
Draw near to glorify,
For who can gladden and amaze
Like God, the Lord on high?

Cry out because His strength of old
Today is still the same,
So let His wonders be retold,
The triumphs of His name.
His people in a foreign land
Were troubled and oppressed;
He brought them with a mighty hand
Into His promised rest.


Cry out because the Lord will bless
Our days as He has sworn,
That we may tell His righteousness
To people yet unborn.
Though heavy be the loads we bear
And shadowed be the way,
We know His providential care
Will be our strength and stay.


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