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Psalm 23

Friday, March 15, 2019


My shepherd is the Lord;
He gives me all I need.
He makes me lie in pleasant fields
Where I may rest and feed.

Beside untroubled streams,
The Lord renews my soul.
For His name’s sake, He leads my feet
On paths that reach the goal.

I will not fear the way
When You are there, O God;
My comfort through the darkest vale
Will be Your staff and rod.

Before my foes, You set
A place for me to sup;
You pour out oil upon my head,
And blessing fills my cup.

The Lord will follow me
With grace and faithful love,
And I will dwell within His house
Through endless days above.

Psalm 17

Wednesday, March 06, 2019


Hear my righteous cause, O Lord!
Give attention to my cries;
From Your presence, send my help;
Keep my plight before Your eyes.
Test me, and find nothing wrong,
For my mouth does not transgress;
Taught according to Your word,
I have walked in righteousness.

Saving God, incline Your ear;
Hear my pleading when I speak;
Wondrous in Your steadfast love,
Grant the refuge that I seek.
As the apple of Your eye,
Hide me with Your wings outspread
From the violence of the foes
Who surround my soul with dread.

Pitiless, they close their hearts,
Swift as lions to the strife;
Keep me from such men, O Lord,
Who delight in earthly life.
Wealth and children are their hope,
And You offer these with grace,
Yet I will be satisfied
Waking to behold Your face.

Psalm 94

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Shine forth, O God of vengeance;
Bring judgment on the proud;
They overflow with boasting
And shout their crimes aloud.
They kill the helpless orphan,
The stranger in the land,
And say, “He does not see us
“And cannot understand.”

Give heed, you foolish people
Who mock at His decrees:
He made the ear and hears you!
He formed the eye and sees!
The Judge of all will punish;
His grasp of truth is sure;
All plots are plain before Him,
And they cannot endure.

How blest are those You chasten,
Who learn Your law, O Lord!
Through trial, You will sustain them
And grant a right reward.
You hear my cry for justice
And hold me when I fall;
When troubles overwhelm me,
You cheer me through them all.

Can You support corruption
When wicked laws arise
That work against the righteous
And kill the just with lies?
The Lord has been my fortress,
The refuge of my joys,
But all who trust in evil
He baffles and destroys.

I Am With You Always

Thursday, February 14, 2019


I am with you always,
Joining in each moment,
Sharing each emotion,
Tasting joy and weeping.
When your hours are lonely
And their joys desert you,
You are not forsaken;
I am with you always.

I am with you always,
When your foes assail you;
Though they press you greatly,
Still I will be greater.
Strong despite your weakness,
Faithful through your doubting--
Who can stand against you?
I am with you always.

I am with you always,
When your time is nearing;
Mine, the hand that guides you,
Ending to beginning.
When the darkness gathers
And your eyes are closing,
Hear My final whisper,
“I am with you always.”

Wholly Devoted

Thursday, November 29, 2018



Wholly devoted to Christ may I be:

Saved by my faith in His mercy to me,

Bound to my Master, yet joyful and free,

Wholly devoted to Jesus!


Wholly devoted, resolved to be pure,

Scorning the passing for what shall endure,

Journeying upward with step light and sure,

Wholly devoted to Jesus!


Wholly devoted in work and in prayer,

Useful for service and ready to share,

Never distracted by blessing or care,

Wholly devoted to Jesus!


Wholly devoted from day until night,

Trusting His promise as faith becomes sight,

Praising His glory through ages of light,

Wholly devoted to Jesus!

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