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John 3:16 “God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son...” This simple message tells us so much about the God of all the earth - how He cares for each of us and how He gives us the way to be with him.

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Fall Focus Series is in Full Swing!

Everyone is invited out to the 2014 Fall Focus Series of lessons.  There will be a different guest speaker each Wednesday night at 7pm throughout this series.  The intriguing topic this year is "12 Lies the Devil Will Tell Your Family".  Please click here to view the flyer for the upcoming topics.

Calendar of Events

Please check out our Calendar of Events for 2014 to the left.  Events have been added.  Special events are in blue.  You can also place your mouse cursor above on ABOUT US, and click on UPCOMING EVENTS.  Please plan accordingly.

Thursday December 18 2014

Old Testament: Hos 10-14 Hos 10-14

(Daily Reading, ESV)