“Psalm 6”

Categories: M. W. Bassford

O Lord, do not rebuke me
Nor in Your anger speak,
But come to me with mercy,
For I am worn and weak.
O Lord, I need Your healing;
My bones are filled with fear;
My soul is greatly troubled;
How long till You appear?

Turn back, O Lord, and rescue;
In lovingkindness, save;
The dead do not remember
Nor thank You from the grave.
My sighs have made me weary;
I drench my bed with woes;
My eyes have swelled with sorrow,
Exhausted by my foes.

O sinners, leave my presence;
O foes, depart from me;
My prayer has been accepted;
The Lord has heard my plea.
He hears the supplication
I offer to His name;
Their scheming will be baffled;
Their plots will end in shame.