Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Bible Classes for All Ages

We have classes for every age from 1 year olds through adults.  If a class is not listed, feel free to ask and we can let you know the curriculum for that age!

We also have special women's classes and devotionals during the week.


Sunday Adult Classes -

Auditorium:   Life of Paul       Teacher:  Charlie Norman

Room 10:   Faith       Teacher:  Andrew Dvorak

Room Q&R:  The Christian and the 21st Century      Teacher:  Matt Bassford

Youth Bible Classes

1 year old class – Early Childhood Curriculum        

2 year old class – Noah, Jonah, and Baby Jesus

3 year old class – Early Life of Christ and Jesus Teaches

Pre-K class – Old Testament:  Wilderness Wanderings - Samuel

Kindergarten & 1st Grade –  Jesus Triumphant Entry, Death, Burial and Resurrection

2nd & 3rd Grade –  Life of Jesus, Transfiguration

4th & 5th Grade –  Judges - Kings

Middle School –    Old Testament Heroes and Zeroes

High School –  Evidences for Jesus / Gospel of Luke